ISADOR Philosophy

November 14, 2017

ISADOR Philosophy


Hello! Nora here from ISADOR Egyptian Cotton Sheets and in this blog I will talk about our philosophy as one of Australia's top rated bed linen online stores.

To be honest, when I started planning this blog, I was feeling a bit lost and didn't know from where to start. After working for ISADOR for long years, I understand our philosophy very well and the team and myself are implementing it on a daily basis; but when it comes to writing this philosophy, a writer's block took over.

I found my way out of this writer's block after reviewing other entities philosophy pages and I really like how some of them presented their philosophy in a simple bullet point approach which makes it really easier for readers to comprehend.

Puss In Boots, which is a Morningside Child Care Centre, presented their philosophy in a wonderful way that I really liked and the credit mainly goes to them in getting rid of my block!

As our customers know, ISADOR's main mission is to provide the real authentic extra long Giza genuine Egyptian Cotton bed sheets, quilt covers, bath towels and coverlets to Australian customers in very reasonable prices, backed with a super friendly and super effective pre-sales and after sales support.

The main points that outline our philosophy are:

- Maintaining a lean retail process by eliminating unnecessary costs in order to keep our prices affordable as much as we can: we do not spend big amounts of money in branding and fancy marketing techniques. We prefer to grow organically and via the word of mouth. Other companies that pay hundreds of thousands on marketing and public relations, they direct these costs to the price of their products, so their customers end up paying for this expensive marketing which adds value to their brand only, while the customer gets nothing out of it. Our marketing costs and other overheads do not represent more than 10% of our product prices. In our case, the real value is in the product itself and not in the secondary factors.

- Customer is King: and we really mean it. Many of our customers have gone through experiences in which they have seen us literally prefer to lose money than having our customers go through any inconvenience. We upgrade our shipping to express in may cases without charging extra on our customers when we see that there may be a delay in the delivery. If accidently any mistake happens, even if it wasn't our fault, we don't hesitate in fixing it. We would rather lose money than losing our customers.

- After sales customer service is as important as pre-sales customer service: We make sure that our customer service team is willing  to go the extra mile to impress our customers. We believe that we must offer even better service if the customers have any enquiries or issues after buying any of our products (which is very rare).

- Our customers health is the most important factor: In several occasions, after changing our return policy after COVID-19 outbreak, when some of our customers were not aware that we do not accept change of mind returns, and they wanted to return an item, we requested from them to keep it even after refunding 100% of what they have paid. We made it clear that our products do not get touched by any one since it comes out of our high temperature automatic ironing machines in the factories and until our customers receives them. We never use any harmful substances in our manufacturing process and our dying process is certified by the major international certifiers for being free from harmful substances.

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